“A parent to the parentless”

“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will repay him for his deed.” – Proverbs 19:17

I really admire people who are willing to volunteer and spend time helping the community. Check this link out:


Lauri, once a child with a history of family abuse, initiated the Teen Project and has raised more than $250,000 in donations to help teenagers in need of a family/house.  Her Project is a “parent to the parentless.” She not only has an online shelter database, but also an outreach program for providing all the necessary resources for the youth living on the streets. Lauri has made a tremendous impact toward the lives of many adolescents.

Her genuine and sincere acts are sure to bring her many blessings!!  God Bless..

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One Response to “A parent to the parentless”

  1. Sandy says:

    Thank you for your visit on Bridge and Beyond. I hope to see you there often. Seems we are like minded. I believe people pulling together can accomplish great things. I believe most people do want to do good, sometimes they don’t know how and need an invitation to do so. Love the banner on your blog. Had not heard of Lauri and her project, but how wonderful. I’ll hope over and check it out too.

    Could I suggest when you visit you not put a link/url in the actual text of your blog comment. It’s odd it didn’t end up in the spam folder, usually they do. Instead use the drop down box where you’re able to add your name and the url of your blog. That way, I can or others can, click on your name and get to your blog. Doing a cut and paste of the url if it doesn’t toss your comment in spam is time consuming and most people won’t bother. I would imagine that could hurt blog traffic for you, if people try to return the visit and comment.

    I’m always interested in learning what other things people do to aid those in need, the need is so great. Perhaps we should help each other spreading the word by adding links? I have several other good causes on my blogs and would be happy to do that; but don’t see any on your blog? Or a blog log if you prefer that over badges? Let me know your thoughts. Also, interested why you plan to distribute your packs once a year vs supplying them periodically? I know your weather there is soooo much nicer then ours here, but would think they’d need the packs off and on? We distribute about 10 of the 12 months or so, depending on weather which seems to change on a whim around here in recent years. I do collect items though all 12 months to always be ready. Personal care packs and personal care items are including in our donations as well. The simple act of being able to brush your teeth or wash up is huge.

    Had the good fortune to be in your fair city once, for a couple of days. Awesome place from what I saw. Bad luck though, we had the misfortune to be there during the only rain storm you’d had in a year, lol. Seriously, it was raining so hard they were warning drivers about seeing, and slippery road conditions. Our tour driver said he’d never heard them do that before; but people weren’t used to it, because the weather is always awesome there. He was from someone else…can’t remember where. Which is apparently why he was driving vs someone else.

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