Thank you to Green Suites!!!

Today, I received in the mail a donation box from Green Suites Hotel  Solutions. It looked like a typical package, and I wasn’t sure what I would find inside. On the outside were two especially visible bright orange stickers, stating, “Fragile, HANDLE WITH CARE.” The sight of these two stickers had my heart pounding a little faster.

After all, what package would contain something ‘fragile’? Not a book, right? Perhaps… But, why would I order a book from Green Suites? Unless, it was…. I couldn’t contain my excitement. I thought, “This has to be for my iCARE Campaign!!” After a minute of scrambling to find a pair of scissors and a knife to undo the tape, I opened the package. Lo and behold, this extravagant fragment smell of Citrus, Papaya, Fruits, & Coconut smell arose from the package.

Inside was an assortment of Green Suites’ wonderful Personal Care Amenities:
(1) 6 Citrus Medley Bath Bars
(2) 6 Bathe Soaps
(3) 3 PAYA Organics Conditioning Shampoo
(4) 4 PAYA Organics Bath Bars
(5) 3 PAYA Organics Conditioner
(6) 1 PAYA Lotion Bottle
(7) 3 Bathe Body Balm, Shampoo, Conditioner
(8) 6 Citrus Medley Face Bars
(9) 1 PAYA Shower Gel Bottle
(10) 5 (15g 0.5 Oz) Natural Earth Body Soap: Manuka Honey & Harakeke Oil
(11) 1 Natural Earth Body Soap (20g, 0.7 oz)
(12) 1 Natural Earth Shampoo: Manuka Honey & Harakeke Oil
(13) 1 Natural Earth Conditioner
(14) 1 Natural Earth Moisturiser: Pure New Zealand Active Manuka Honey
(15) 1 PAYA Face & Body Bar
(16) 1 Natural Earth Body Soap
(17) 1 Natural Earth Bath & Shower Gel
(18) 1 Bag of Beans 🙂
Total Count = 45 Donations

Green Suites donated a total of 45 items (Shampoos, Body Soaps, Lotion, Conditioner, Moisturiser, and Bath Bars) to my campaign!! I especially liked the bag of beans they added to the package: “No Beans about it, WE LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS!” That made me smile!! 🙂

Who knew that so many items could fit within a 12 in x 12 in x1 in box? I didn’t.

I would like to say a huge thank-you to Cole Wilcox of Green Suites for being so kind and donating these supplies to iCARE4Homeless. Without their help, I would not be in such a happy mood as I am right now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  It really means a lot and I am one step closer toward fulfilling my goal!
Be sure to check out their website at:

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