NIVEA Lotion Bottles!!

Is today my birthday? No, but it sure feels like it…. You know that warm feeling you receive when you open a present? Like a kid opening the gift wrap to a box big enough to contain the latest Hi-Def 50 inch television display, I felt giddy and anxious at the sight of a brown package at my door step.

Well, guess what I received? Another donation box!!! This marks the SECOND package I have acquired this week alone. Cheers to what the future holds for iCARE4Homeless.

Inside was a letter, stating:

On behalf of Beiersdorf Inc., I am pleased to be able to contribute some of our NIVEA as you requested.

We certainly wish you luck and success with your upcoming event.

Enclosed inside the box were 12 NIVEA Extended Moisture Samples and 12 Creme 1 oz tin cans. A total of TWENTY-FOUR lotion bottle donations!!! “WOW,” is all I can say. Who would have thought that the global skin care company that produces the lotion bottles that you and I use on a daily basis would contribute to MY cause?

Their sample donation really means a lot to me and I sincerely appreciate their support!

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