Enriching their lives…

A 6 years old, maybe? Clad in a white sleeveless shirt & brown overalls, with no socks or shoes, this homeless child is staring at a board (a game, perhaps?), while his relatives play in the background, on what appears to be a disarrayed bed-frame. The four-year old plays with the bed-frame, while the other stares adrift, dangling his feet above the bedpost. They appear to be having fun. Their feet are ‘muddied’ up a bit, from walking bare-feet on the streets . Their clothes, on the other hand, appear to be in “good” condition. But, like any image, this is completely deceptive of reality.  They are making the most of their childhood, simply by “getting by.”

But, not all childhoods are like this… Is what they are doing really ‘fun’? Most children nowadays have fun reading The Hunger Games/Harry Potter series, watching the latest Sponge-bob Squarepants on the Disney Channel, and playing the latest videogames on their Nintendo or Playstation game consoles. After closer examination, I conclude that what appears to be an empty bedframe may actually be their ‘home.’

I have some questions, though. When was the last time they had breakfast or dinner? In 10 days, will those shirts still be that clean? Or, will they be as ragged and torn-up as a ship lost in a tempestuous sea? What about their hygiene and personal health? When was the last time they brushed or flossed their teeth? Are these homeless children attending school and learning how to read and write?

Things that you and I take for granted… are what these children are missing in their lives.

Situations like this really strike a chord in my heart and inspire me to help as many homeless children & families as possible. If my iCARE Campaign has the potential to start a ripple in transforming the lives of the homeless, then my goal will be accomplished!

Enriching the lives of homeless children like those in the picture… is worth more than a thousand words.

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One Response to Enriching their lives…

  1. Lori says:

    I wish you the best of luck in your campaign. I was talking to my brother, who one could classify as homeless, except he comes and crashes in my parents backyard or on their front porch if he has to. We were discussing the homeless options around town. I figured since the town had grown in size that we would build something to accommodate the homeless shelter that you know live here. There is Almost Home, which has been around since I last lived here 10 years ago. You are allowed to stay on a short term and must be referred to them through the police department. There is a food bank in town, which made me happy, as the closest one I went to was about 20 minutes away by car. Making in unavailable for many who needed their services. There are no soup kitchens in this town, so basically boils down to if you have contact with law enforcement and they think you might need a place to stay that night you will get a referral to a home. The food bank hands out food once a week, but the rest of the time, people have to become ingenous in order to open and cook the food they get. At the least, why is there no soup kitchen available? When I lived in Laramie, Wyoming they had one that was sponsored by the local church. It served lunch, that’s all, but it put a warm meal in their bellies. Not everyone who ate there was homeless, but they weren’t abusing the system and just being cheap. They needed the help as well. I wish I knew how people come about getting places like that set up to help the homeless. We have way too many out there and either they or we don’t utilize enough of the resources that have been set up for them. I will have to look into this further. Thank you so much.

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