Thank you to Father Joe’s!

I would like to express a tremendous THANK YOU once again to Father Joe’s for their new donations! I received these items yesterday (Friday, September 15) and am in the process of sorting & counting them:

Some items included:
(1) Portico | SPA – White Ginger Clarifying Shampoo
(2) Portico | Spa – Quince + Bergamot Shampoo
(3) Passion Fruit Bath & Shower Gel
(4) Organic Food – Nutrition Bars
With September almost coming to a close,  I’m very excited that we are still receiving donations. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that other companies that I reached out will donate as well. If I receive more donations from other companies, I may be able to surpass my goal of assembling MORE THAN 500 healthcare kits for the homeless kids & families in need!

The items I still need are chapstick, snacks/crackers/nutritional bars/Chex/cookies/cereal bars, T-shirts (any size), and toothpaste. These items are the hardest to obtain donations for, unfortunately. Snacks tend to have an expiration date and any expired food is not suitable for giving to children. T-shirts are very expensive, so I understand why big-name companies (i.e. Hanes, Fruit of the Loom) cannot donate to my cause. Here’s to the future and to the hope that by October/November, I will receive more donations!! As the Beach Boys once put it… “Wouldn’t it be Nice”?

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