Soap never smelled so good!!

Words cannot express my gratitude to Green Suites for their SECOND donation of their extravagant soaps. (See my previous post for their first donation.) On Wednesday, I received a box of Citrus Medley Face & Body Bars. The entire box smelled like a fresh scent of oranges, papayas, lemons, and other citrus fruits.

Have you ever seen those TV commercials promoting soap/shampoo products that showcase an entire landscape filled with fruits and rivers & waterfalls surrounding them? That’s exactly what my box smelled like! It’s reminiscent of a fresh scent of a mixture of papayas, mangos, lemons, and oranges. More extravagantly put, each soap bar smells like an infusion of apple, orange, lemons, and a hint of spice blended together. It’s enticing and very alluring! If you haven’t checked out their site, make sure you add it to your to-do list:

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