The Other Side of Humanity

I found a touching video which I wanted to share with you:

So, what did you think? The look on each homeless man/woman’s face was priceless. It truly is a joy to help others, in any way possible. This video is an epitome of that, and I hope to accomplish what this group in Toronto has done previously during Christmas of 2009.

By assembling these iCARE4Homeless Kits, I can give them hope, and a motivational outlook on life. Before Christmas 2012, I hope to have this same impact, and I cannot wait to see what will happen.

Having a positive impact on someone’s life, even for a brief moment, is worth it in the end. If we all reached out to the ‘other side of humanity,’ and gave back to the community, whether it’s the homeless, impoverished, or economically disadvantaged families, we are truly being the best we can be.

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