The Man with the Golden Voice

Sounds like a new James Bond movie, doesn’t it? Except, that’s not possible, since Hollywood has already made The  Man with the Golden Gun, and the latest, Skyfall.

Who could this man with the  “Golden Voice” be? Ted Williams was a homeless man (53 years of age) with one special feature – an exceptionally deep and well-crafted voice that sounds like a newscaster from the radio or a live basketball or football game. In terms of voice caliber, think Earl James Jones, the actor who is well-renowned for his voice as Mufasa in The Lion King or as Darth Vader in the Star Wars saga.

With millions of views on the above Youtube video, in which a news reporter found him on a street in Columbus, Ohio, he became an immediate online sensation. With a friendly smile, positive attitude, and a voice that makes you smile, people all over the world were charmed by his affable character.

The best news is yet to come. Mr. Williams was then offered a two-year contract by the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers and NFL Films for potential work that would pay his living expenses.

For more information on his inspirational story, be sure to watch his interview with The Today Show:

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