The Distribution: Part 2


*NOTE: For privacy and confidentiality purposes, all faces have been blurred*

In the Dining Hall, at 10:45 am, people were already feasting on their lunches.



Near the exit, were several bags of food that the homeless could take, including loaves of bread, potato chips, fish, meat, and an assortment of other goodies.


We situated ourselves near the exit, where a Christmas tree was decorated to remind everyone the spirit of joy and the celebration of a New Year!



At first, we were unsure of how to set-up, as we were given a tiny corridor to place all our boxes containing the healthcare kits. Although there was a table to make a stand for our items, there wasn’t enough room to physically stand and allow people to exit. So, we mustered our strength and placed all the boxes, onto each other, almost forming a mini-castle.



After 10 minutes of preparation and setting up, we finally had our first customer. Walking in a slow pace, he stopped when he saw our faces. We said, with a big smile on our faces, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Sir!!” and handed to him our health-care kit. He smiled back at us and said “You guys are amazing! God Bless You all!!”


At 11:30am, the masses of people started accumulating as more and more people exit the dining hall. Here we are handing out each kit in a frantic rush, trying to make sure every person receives a kit.



Can you see the kit in their hands? (Hint: it’s the white bag)



Before we knew it, our boxes of kits started disappearing and we began scavenging for more kits as the hour passed by.


IMG_0091Missing from these pictures are the smiles that each homeless person gave us when we handed them the kits. Although some were grumpy, perhaps due to a bad morning or inability to adequately feed themselves the past couple of days, many were excited to see us! Their smiles were worth it!!

IMG_0088This line consisted of 10 people waiting to see what we were distributing.


And, by 1:30pm, here’s the aftermath of the distribution. We distributed a total of 850 kits!! (To be continued)IMG_0095

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