The Distribution: Part 3

As a recap, each of our health kits contained the following items: shampoo, towel, soap, conditioner, socks, toothbrush, toothpaste, along with other goodies as shown below.IMG_0004

Over the course of six months, we worked arduously to assemble as many kits as we could. Support from the Henry Schein Cares Foundation, along with other organizations, such as Father Joe’s Village, Green Suites, Redmond Trading LC, and friends/family, have significantly helped us reach our goals!IMG_0019

After having assembled 1,000 kits, we smile with joy as we take pride in our major accomplishment before our big day on December 29, 2012! Seen below are some of the Event Coordinators and Founder of the iCARE4Homeless Campaign.IMG_0056

Just to reiterate, we are MAKING HEALTH HAPPEN!!IMG_0059

Two of the Event Coordinators stand prior to our mass distribution, awaiting the big ensemble of people!! *Faces are blurred for confidentiality and privacy issues*IMG_0074

To be continued…

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