The Corgi Way

Happy New Year 2013 Wallpaper-8What’s the Corgi Way? It’s not the newest trend in 2013, as the New Year has just begun… As a matter of fact, it’s my term for how we should act towards life – ie. the Corgi Way.

Corgi puppies are the cutest,  always bringing joy and happiness to our lives! Their energetic attitudes epitomize how we should act with life – taking every moment with a smile, literally running toward anything they see with their tongues out and heads held high, whether the face is familiar or strange. Every second they are breathing for air, showing their exhilaration and happiness for every minute of the day. If they accidentally run into a puddle, or are showered with rain due to bad weather, they just shake their “tailfeathers” off, and keep running forward.

How often do we do that in our lives? When we see a stranger, do we stop for a moment, smile, and say “Good morning!” or, “How are you doing, today?” If something burdensome is bothering us, do we view it in a pessimistic manner, or do we march forward, with our heads held high? If we are having a bad day, do we brush it off our shoulders and, like a Corgi puppy pushing their tongue out, conquer our fears and live life to its fullest?

Let’s start the New Year by being as successful as we can, while also acting the Corgi way.

To inspire you to be a success, I wanted to share this picture:Success indicator

Let’s apply this philosophy to our lives and carpe diem 2013 the right way!
*Success Indicator Image copyright Mary Ellen Tribby*

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