The Distribution: Part 4


Guess where the image above was taken? It’s a panoramic view of Mandaluyong City (courtesy of Mandaluyong City is one of the citimandaluyong cityes that makes up Metro Manila in the Philippines, and is known as the “Tiger City of the Philippines” and “Shopping Mall Capital of the Philippines”.

It gets its titles from its many hotels, shopping malls, and entertainment centers. In the Philippines, shopping malls are known as ‘SM Supermalls.’ In the Ortigas business district (within Mandaluyong City) of Metra Manila, there is the SM MegaMall. It consists of 2 buildings connected by a bridge. With a total floor area of 480,000 sq. meters, it has a maximum capacity of 4 million people. And so, SM MegaMall is the largest mall of the Philippines! SM-MEgamall-03

How does this all relate to helping the homeless out? In Mandaluyong  City (one of the most commercially active parts of the Philippines), there are many orphans, homeless children, and economically disadvantaged families who do not have the sufficient resources to take care of themselves. A major concern of iCare4Homeless is increasing the awareness of homeless communities, as well as promoting actions to increase the care and personal well-being of others.

Thus, for our next destination, we traveled to Mandaluyong City of the Philippines to distribute our healthcare kits to the homeless children and orphans in one of their Youth Villages. To be continued…

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