My Goal

Each Kit will consist of a Tote Bag with Soap, Shampoo, Lotion, Towel, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, and a Comb.

Each kit costs less than $3 and will substantially help EACH homeless person with his or her personal hygiene.

My Deadline: December 5, 2012

If I reach my goal of fundraising at least $500 by December, I will be able to give iCARE kits to 200 homeless Americans before December 25, 2012!!

If you are interested in helping donate to this cause, please contact me at


One Response to My Goal

  1. Sandy says:

    Could I suggest you add chap stick to your pack. I find that is always needed. Here it’s desperately needed in the cold wet months, but it’s equally important in the sunny hot months. And, something I’ve done which works really well is collect the soap, shampoo, lotions, mouthwashes and those types of items when we travel. Hotel rooms always supply them, and it’s rare for people to use them. I ask my blog mates, friends, family, etc. to always bring them back. I use those often in my kits and sometimes just send a large bag of those items, not necessarily in kits to the various shelters, as well as supplying them for those living under the bridges, etc. This is something lots of folks can help you with because it’s so easy and it costs nothing….unless their mailing them to you; as folks do me. The other item I include is socks. Nothing worse then a pair of cold wet feet. The ability to put on a dry pair of socks …You might also consider little brushes and or picks vs combs. I’ve done both; but have found the picks hold up a bit better and are easier to use for folks with lots of knots in their hair, plus much better for The Black Homeless population.

    Todays post has a fund raising idea that you might like or find helpful.

    Can I ask where you’re getting such good pricing for your kits? Certainly you’re buying in bulk, but I wondered where?

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